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YinengFM is the first design media made to help Chinese creatives discover, explore, and spread the values of design through interviews with professionals, live exhibition, online community, and offline workshops. Learn More



Xiaobin Li, Sai Jiao, Junjun Shi and Mengyuan Qi


My Responsibilities

As the team leader, I am currently responsible for planning the development strategy with the management team and supervising the execution of secondary teams.


Guest speakers


Every week, we invite design professionals or outstanding design students to share their experience and creativity with us. 




By interviewing our guest speakers, we want to inspire junior designers and design students in China to find their passion on design and spread the value of design among the country. 


YinengFM system


As we get more and more audience, we initiated the online community and ran brainstorming discussion in the community. Since members are so passionate and creative, we can always get tons of incredible ideas. We are planning to build a team to develop designs from these ideas and broadcast them on social medias. 




By the Nov, 2018, YinengFM has published 200+ episodes, 40 articles and 10+ offline activities in total; and having 24,000+ followers on social medias. In 2017, YinengFM won silver in the Cause Category for the Spark International Design Award. Winning this award had been a great honor because YinengFM had had the privilege to stand next to major tycoons such as IBM, Google, Pepsi, and others.




YinengFM has branches in three of the top design cities: Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Shanghai. We bring in local designers to share their experiences and provide an “eyeopening” opportunity for our audience. We hope that listeners will develop their ability to think outside the box and to experience various design cultures.

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Branding design

Last but not least


Thanks to all our guest speakers and volunteers who makes this happen.

Thanks to Marty Smith, an instructor, mentor and friend, who helped us build the branding of YinengFM and gave me a lot of help and support in the process. 


For more information, please contact me at bin@yineng.fm, or visit us at Yineng.fm