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SPOT Dashboard

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As a critical software product of the SPOT family, the SPOT dashboard provided users with comprehensive weather data services. This software included historical and real-time weather data, sky images, and many other upcoming services. The panel also enabled users to efficiently manage their devices.


My Responsibilities

I was responsible for the UX and UI designs of the dashboard. This included info architecture development, wireframe development, interface design, and feasibility test.


Info Architecture

After researching the enterprise users and discussing with the data, business development, and back-end teams, I implemented the requirements into the info architecture.

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Dashboard Workflows

With the help of the info architecture, we figured out four critical features of the dashboard: organization management, data management, individual device management, and device group management.

Organization management

Here was the workflow of how users organized their organizations’ profiles.


Device Group Management

Users could organize their devices in separate groups, which helped them manage the devices more efficiently.


Device Management

Here was the workflow showing how users could organize their devices’ profiles.


Data Management

Users could access real-time, historical data and sky images collected from SPOT devices. Users could also check the device status via battery level and communication mode for troubleshooting purposes.


Wireframe V1.0

Based on the developed info architecture, I developed the first version of the wireframe.

Organization management


Device Group Management

Device and data management


Wireframe V2.0

We decided to add map and topology views to give users a clear view of device distribution and hierarchy . Along with the other changes and adjustments, I developed the second version of the wireframe.


Wireframe V3.0

As we made adjustments to the physical devices, the design of the dashboard needed to be modified. Based on the changes, I developed this new version of wireframe and created subpages for different kinds of data. I also added a new page for the rain gauge (a new device).


Interface Design

I initiated the interface design after the team confirmed the layout wireframe.


Final Interface Design

This was the entire structure of the dashboard design. I also added an account management feature which enabled users to edit their profiles.