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SPOT Weather Station

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SPOT, an IoT weather station developed by BloomSky, targeted enterprise clients from weather sensitive fields such as green energy industries and agriculture. By monitoring weather conditions and capturing sky images continuously, the SPOT weather station collected data and produced real-time weather data and hyperlocal nowcast (short-term forecast) to help our clients’ businesses become more efficient and sustainable.


My Responsibilities

I led the design of the SPOT device and worked closely with hardware and firmware engineers to make the device withstand extreme weather conditions.


The design of SPOT station

The SPOT weather station integrated highly-accurate sensors which included temperature, humidity, air pressure, and ultrasonic wind sensor to collect hyper-local weather data. With a solar panel and high-capacity built-in battery, the station worked 24/7 in most weather conditions. The sky images, continuously captured by HD cameras, could be used to generate a cloud coverage forecast which would benefit clients from green energy industries. Due to the integration with the LoRa communication module, stations could form a local weather network and upload data through 4G or WiFi.

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Concept Development

During the concept development phase, designing the shape of the device to withstand extreme weather conditions and arranging the sensors to obtain accurate data were difficult challenges.

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Detail Refinement

Together with hardware and firmware engineers, we spared much effort on developing the water drop structure and the arrangement of the sensors.

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Feasibility Test

Before mass production, we did a feasibility test which included the installation, communication module conditions, and sensor readings.


Field Test

After the trial production, I assisted our data scientists and meteorologists in their field tests. Final adjustments were made before mass production.  

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At the market

By the time I left the company, the SPOT product had performed well in the market. Clients from green energy industries and agriculture conglomerates showed a keen interest in our product and asked for customized weather services involving the product.

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