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Inspired by the earth science missions of JPL/NASA, Clear uses information/data to inspire and implement actions that improve air quality in China.


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"Chinese cities often seem wrapped in a toxic gray shroud. Only 1 percent of the country’s 560 million city dwellers breathe air considered safe by the European Union. "

—“The New York Times” 

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By working with different business partners, Clear can provide users with an accurate air forecast, protect people on daily commutes, improve communication between the government and the public, and encourage people to improve air quality by taking action.

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By using data from stationary air quality monitors and satellites and implementing the data into the atmospheric models developed by JPL, Clear can provide users with an accurate air quality forecast.


Air quality forecast

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Air quality forecast displayed on map

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Clear’s business partner, IQ Air, is a swiss-based air filtration product company. IQ Air will equip buses with in-cabin air filtration system to protect people on daily commutes. 


Filtration unit

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In-cabin air filtration system

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Personal mileage record

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By equipping buses with the new air filtration system and displaying the air quality forecast inside, Clear helps the government regain trust from the public. 

In-cabin air quality display

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Users can report air polluting activities, such as smoking vehicles,  factory emissions, and restaurant emissions through Clear. Meanwhile, government and non-government organizations can publish air pollution related news through Clear. 


Reporting air-polluting activities

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News on air-related activities

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Clear system

Cleaning the air cannot be done by one person or in a short period of time. Clear acts as a means of connecting different stakeholders to improve air quality. 

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Roll-out plan

Depending on the software and product development cycle, Clear will launch its products within five years.

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