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Bloom's mission is to help family members grow healthy plants in a more knowledgeable and enthusiastic environment. 


A team project with:

Ela Banki & Vivia Liu

Selected to represent Art Center to exhibit


Bloom is an indoor gardening system that helps a family work together and take care of their plants. The Bloom system consists of an application as well as a kit of products, including a hub, sensor, pot, and watering can. 

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Bloom’s system makes planting easier by using sensors to monitor the plants and visualize their needs. Bloom can also record and display everyone’s efforts. By setting periodic awards, Bloom helps people maintain their enthusiasm.

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Bloom families


The design of bloom products enables all family members, even children, to easily grow a beautiful garden. 


Bloom app


The Bloom App helps users manage their home gardens get to know the plants’ health conditions and everyone’s activities on gardening.